You are an inspiration.May the Lord continue to bless you and may continue finding the energy, passion and inspiration to continue writing.
I have read several good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much effort you put to make such a magnificent informative web site. kccfgdfdefca
I am truly inspired by your posts on FB. I think you are poised for even greater heights. May God continue to enlarge your territory.
I loved every bit of the launch Tsungi. I intended to read this book during this field trip of mine but guess what? After just stepping into the house on the day of the launch-as late as it was-my 8 year old daughter , and my university of zimbabwe student sister were already scrambling for it. What do i discover next day? They are taking turns to read the chapters. i felt bad to take it away from them , and just said K, you will read first. and just left harare. They just said we cant stop reading it. Congrats Tsungi
I found your tweet about impossible really interesting and that led me to your website very interesting!
Inspired to write more [have some scripts at the publisher's] and to live a true ispirational Christian life. Blessed are you...
i really appreciate your inspirational quotes.thank u so much
Congratulations Tsungi. What an achievement and an inspiration. I love your website. It's informative, interactive and shows your personality. May everything you touch be blessed and multiply ten fold.
Love your website!
only God gives such wisdom. abide in Him always and keep on keeping on!!!
Excellent web page here Tsungi, I will d/l a copy of your new book in due course, congratulations and I wish you well with your book here and your writing in the time ahead.
Well done gal! I also released my book in March this year published in USA. We need to setup the Writers Guild.
Wow! Beauty and brains...a lovely combination. God bless you and enlarge your territory.
Wow.... What an introduction. Good book I must say. It revoked certain nolstagic feelings.
Woman of God, this is a beautiful website, informative and powerful words of inspiration! May God's hand be upon you and may He enlarge your tents and territory! Blessings!
Thank you very much for all your kind comments - I appreciate everyone of you. It's only by God's grace that I do what I do.God bless.
Tsungi with all such inspirational stuff you had shared with the whole world ,we do kindly pray to the Almighty to give you more wisdom and strength
Loved it! Beautiful and inspiring. People without a vision do perish, because; what will be sustaining them? Everyone needs a reason to wake up in the morning. Moreover, there is a temptation and risk of being other people's dream killer and vision crusher because you don't have your own to focus on!
Continue the good work which you have started.You are touching a lot of people including myself. May God bless you and give you more wisdom in uplifting people's lives. You are such an asset to my life. Once the book is out, I will definately buy my copy. Once again, God bless you.
Nice website Tsungi. I am inspired!
You are doing great.Will need to copy you.l am just wondering when do you put all these
Lovely Tsungi, lovely. A great standard -you do us proud. Love you
Be encouraged to continue with good things. All the best and be blessed
Thank you for your inspirational writing, may the good Lord continue to bless and enrich you.
I do tremendously inspire your books,quotes and stories. May GOD bless you and your friends & to include your family.Keep it up Cheers!
hie, enjoyed reading the prayer helped cement the importance of prayer. Stay blessed
Well done Tsungi lm proud of you. Cant wait to read the book.
Proud of you sis. Will be waiting for the book! All the best Tsungi!!
I am always encouraged when I see people rising and getting their hearts desires fulfilled. I believe that you will go further than this. You are a go getter! All the best!
Congratulations Tsungi , wish you the best. You are an inspiration. Cant wait for the book
Hi Tsungi, God bless you - this is inspirational, it has encouraged me to pursue my passion and calling. My regards to Jim Arnold
I am impressed. I am sure that this is just the beginning and there is a lot more to come. All the best.
Congrats Tsungi! Well done. A longing fulfilled is a tree of life - many have lived only in the realm of imagination but you have launched imagination into reality. You're an inspiration.
Wow... Woman after my heart. Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration. Where can I buy a copy of your book?
Very inspirational and motivating!!!!am really inspired and all the best in the mission to bring hope in the LORD....
well done Tsungi!! cant wait to read the book!
Congratulations Tsungi, I was greatly impressed by what I read, cannot wait for the rest.
Wow Tsungi. You are already insipring me before i even read your book.
well done Tsungi this is beautiful . motivation and inspiration is never taught on any syllabus at school people have to learn it from somewhere . Thanks for bridging the gap .
This is awesome Tsungi and I wish you the best, cant wait for the book. Great theme
i look forward to reading your book.
Well done girl,am really inspired.Be blessed! t
Go girl!!!! Wow. God bless you always.

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